Program Objectives

  1. To gain additional experience in providing comprehensive dental care to a variety of inpatient and outpatient populations in various hospital settings, such as the dental clinic, hospital wards, emergency and operating rooms.
  2. To gain experience in providing dental treatment to medically complex patients.
  3. Provide didactic and clinical experiences that enhance a resident’s diagnostic and treatment planning skills to meet the comprehensive dental needs of the patient, functioning as the primary care provider.
  4. To gain proficiency in medical risk management, as it relates to dental treatment through development of history taking and physical diagnosis skills.
  5. Educate the resident in different patient management techniques to competently select and utilize appropriate means of pain and anxiety control including oral and inhalation techniques.
  6. Instill in the residents how they can provide community service byarranging and managing pre-operative and post-operative care for patients requiring treatment in the operating room setting.
  7. To increase skills and knowledge in the management of medical emergencies and achieve certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support skills.
  8. To treat residents to function as a member of a multidisciplinary healthcare team and communicate with other health care professional team, for treating medically compromised patients.
  9. To understand hospital administration, organization and delivery of care.
  10. To increase resident’s ability to retrieve and critically review scientific literature.
  11. To communicate and work effectively with all other healthcare professionals regarding care of patients.