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Clinical Services

The clinical responsibilities of the division are divided into several key services. The team on each clinical service is composed of a faculty member who may be accompanied by a fellow, a physician assistant, residents, and senior medical students.

The Procedure Service at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. A faculty member supervises all of the endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed on patients from the inpatient and outpatient services at UI Hospitals & Clinics. This work is carried out in the procedure unit of the James A. Clifton Digestive Health Center. Fellows perform procedures on their patients with the assistance of a faculty member.

The UI Hospitals & Clinics Gastroenterology-Hepatology Inpatient Consultation Service. This consult team consists of one faculty member, two fellows, and a resident or medical student. The fellows on this service help formulate and carry out the plans for evaluating and treating patients with gastrointestinal illnesses. He or she performs the endoscopic procedures needed to meet these objectives.

The VA Service. One faculty member, one fellow, and occasionally a resident or medical student provide all of the gastroenterology-hepatology consultation services at the Iowa City VA Health Care System. The fellow participates in the evaluation and management of each patient and performs all of the endoscopic procedures done at the VA Health Care System under the supervision of the faculty.

The Liver Service. One faculty member and one fellow staff a liver service at UI Hospitals & Clinics. This team sees all of the inpatient and some outpatient liver consultations.

The Liver Transplant Service. One faculty member, one fellow, and two physiuciuan assistants provide care for liver transplant patients admitted to the transplant service.In addition, the service also manages the outpatient liver transplantation clinics.

The Outpatient Clinics at UI Hospitals & Clinics. Outpatient clinics are held each weekday at UI Hospitals & Clinics. The clinic is staffed by members of the medical faculty and GI surgeons each day and offers specialty services for patients with a variety of gastrointestinal, nutritional and liver diseases. Fellows and residents participate in the evaluation of new and return patients. Patients with all types of gastrointestinal, pancreatic, and liver diseases are seen in these clinics.

The ERCP Service. The ERCP service is staffed by two faculty members. Fellows participate in the evaluation of patients with pancreatic and biliary diseases duringthe second and third year of their training..

The Endoscopic Ultrasonography Service. Three faculty members perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures involving endoscopic ultrasonography. Fellows may participate in the evaluation these patients and learn the techniques of EVS in the final year of their clinical training.