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Trainees are required to attend a weekly fellowship conference which consists of lectures given by SICU staff as well as local and national experts in critical care. Once a month, the fellow is expected to participate in the ICU management meeting along with all staffs involved in ICU patient care to discuss the operational business of the ICU and the issues related to patient care. Journal Club is also held monthly throughout the year to give fellows and faculty a chance to analyze and dissect current critical care literature. M&M Conference is held on a weekly basis in the Department of Surgery.

There is a wide variety of texts provided to the Surgical Critical Care fellow including the Department of Anesthesia Library and the University of Iowa Hardin Medical Library. In addition, there is a well-developed internet library of electronic textbooks and journals available at every computer within the SICU. Also in the SICU, there are a total of 127 titles, including 81 just added during the last 12 months as well as 13 journal subscriptions.