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Fellows are required to attend a didactic series of lectures given by SNICU staff as well as local and national experts in critical care. Fellows lead SNICU/CVICU M&M and SNICU/CVICU Journal Club monthly, and are expected to attend Department of Surgery M&M as well as Acute Care Surgery Journal Club and Acute Care Surgery Research meetings. Fellows will also participate in providing a Grand Rounds presentation for the Department of Surgery. Fellows are part of the SNICU management meeting along with all staffs involved in ICU patient care to discuss the operational business of the ICU and the issues related to patient care.

There is a wide variety of texts provided to the Surgical Critical Care fellow including the Department of Anesthesia Library and the University of Iowa Hardin Medical Library. In addition, there is a well-developed internet library of electronic textbooks and journals available at every computer within the SNICU. Also in the SNICU, there are a total of 127 titles as well as 13 journal subscriptions.