Why Iowa?

Living in the Iowa City Area

Living in Iowa City

Iowa City ranks among the best places to live in America. Iowa City, Johnson County, and the state of Iowa all routinely appear on national “best of” lists for housing affordability, low crime rates, excellent schools, economic opportunities, access to world-class health care, and more.

And you’ll be delighted by all of the things you can do here that you’d expect to find in a much larger city, including enjoying world-class entertainment, culture, outdoor recreation, shopping, dining, spectator sports, and more. And here, the neighborhoods are safe, the people are friendly, and traffic hassles are virtually nonexistent.

Iowa City is conveniently located right off of Interstate 80, so getting to and from here is simple. The newly-renovated Eastern Iowa Airport is just 30 minutes away; Quad Cities International Airport is about an hour away. You can drive to Chicago in about three hours or to Minneapolis, St. Louis, or Kansas City in five.

Northwest of Iowa City is Coralville, and just north of Coralville is North Liberty. All three lie within the highly acclaimed Iowa City Community School District and are served by public transportation, as well as an ever-expanding network of paved bike trails.

Greater Johnson County offers yet more easily accessible choices, including rural acreages and small towns that add only a handful of minutes to your daily commute.

Choose from a Variety of Communities

Iowa City

Iowa City is the hub of a thriving, easily-drivable region that offers a range of choices for when it’s time to decide where to make your home. Here, you can walk to work from one of the leafy, historic neighborhoods near downtown and the University of Iowa campus. Or, make a quick commute from one of the many outlying neighborhoods.


Adjacent to Iowa City is Coralville, which offers quiet suburban living and easy access to a broad range of retail shopping and dining options.

North Liberty

Fast-growing North Liberty has plenty of modern housing, a state-of-the-art recreation center, and a new high school.

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