Health and Wellness

You can go by national surveys that consistently rank Iowa City as one of the country’s most livable cities or you can discover for yourself Iowa City’s hassle-free, get-out-and-do-your-free-time-thing way of living.

Working Out

Fitness Centers

Your free workouts can take place just steps from the hospital, or you may choose a center close to home.


If you’re passionate about team sports, you’ll find a local league that matches your skill level.

Parks and Trails

Parks and trails for people and dogs are close to neighborhoods throughout Iowa City and its surrounding communities.

Outdoor Sports

In 15 minutes or less, you can be at your favorite outdoor sports destination.

Hassle-free Living


Iowa City and its neighbors feature a wealth of helpful community services, including many that are free.


Apartments close to campus, comprehensive bus systems, and a network of biking trails provide alternatives to a daily commute by car.

Staying Healthy

Wellness and Health Care

You’re covered by our outstanding health care system.


Giving to others is good for the body and soul. The Iowa City areas offers a multitude of ways to give back to the community.