How to Apply

We are participants in the Ophthalmology Fellowship Match for Ophthalmic Genetics. All applicants must register with the Ophthalmology Fellowship Match and obtain a registration number.


Only Central Application Service (CAS) applications will be accepted. 
Please refer to the SFMatch website to register for the match and read about the process for applying to Ophthalmology Fellowship training. Once registered, please view our program listing on the SFMatch directory website for all required documents.
CAS applicants are required to have the following documents in order to apply to programs:

  1. Complete and submit CAS application form (online);
  2. Submit three letters of reference;
  3. Distribution list and payment.

SF Match Mailing Address:

Program Coordinator
Ophthalmology Fellowship Match
P.O. Box 7584
San Francisco, CA 94120-7584