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Thank you for your interest in the Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship Program at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics.

Accepting Applications for 2026-27

The goal of our fellowship program is to train fellows who will be capable of independently leading a molecular genetic pathology laboratory. To accomplish this goal, we provide exposure to a broad array of tests and test methods across the spectrum of molecular genetic pathology, require that the fellow participate in assay development and laboratory management, see genetics patients in conjunction with clinical genetics rotations, and teach what they have learned to staff and students.

These responsibilities will be bestowed upon the trainee at a rate that is appropriate to the starting level of expertise and their speed of learning through the rotations. In practical terms this will mean that questions and problems of increasing difficulty will be gradually assigned dependent on the competency shown.

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Donna Palmer, BBA
Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship Coordinator
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C684 General Hospital
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Phone: 319-356-0319
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