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Kaancan Deniz, MD

Kaancan Deniz, MD profile photo
  • Neurology Chief Resident


Medical School
Istanbul Universitesi, Turkey

Why Iowa

I wanted to get my training in a Neurology department with a substantial impact on the history of neurology, a program where residents pursue their interests just because they wish to, not because it is a requirement. I think our program brings people with deep interests in clinical and basic neurosciences. On the day of my interview, I felt this enthusiasm from the faculty members and residents when I was asked about my previous publications and interests in neurology. I appreciated the professional, collegial and extremely friendly atmosphere in Iowa, and I wanted to become part of the Hawkeye family!

Professional/Research Interests

As a medical student, I was involved with clinical epilepsy research. After graduating from medical school, I explored a research opportunity in neurodegenerative diseases mainly being Alzheimer’s disease from the perspective of genetics/transcriptomics and plasma biomarkers. I plan to do a fellowship in Behavioral/Cognitive Neurology with an aim to incorporate research to my clinical practice in an academic setting.

Liaison Position

Clinical services liaison