Resident Wellness


The University of Iowa Internal Medicine Residency strongly believes that resident wellness is integral to our mission of excellence in patient care and in training physicians who are prepared for a fulfilling, life-long career in the path of their choosing. We utilize a diverse set of opportunities and activities to help keep residents happy and healthy, while ensuring easy access to further services if needs arise.


Transition into Residency

  1. Orientation to Foundation of Medicine for safe patient care - a series of lectures and workshops targeting medical knowledge and skills early in their training
  2. Peer Mentoring Program - Each incoming intern is paired with a senior resident mentor to support a smooth transition to residency
  3. Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA)-based Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) - administered during intern orientation week and helps drive individualized clinical skills coaching
  4. Resident-to-Resident Epic Training during GME Orientation (Epic Training for Residents by Residents) - ability to be “ready on day one”

Encourage Connections between Peers, Faculty and within Interprofessional Teams      

  1. Welcome Gathering Picnic during Orientation Week
  2. Annual Resident Workshops/Retreats - There are retreats held annually for residents at all levels of training. These are held off-site and provide a break from the wards with an opportunity to improve team building skills and get to know your fellow residents.
  3. Wellness and Humanities Committee - focuses on physical, emotional and social well-being including organization of social events
  4. Internal Medicine Winter Recognition Social Gathering for Residents - held in January/February of every year to celebrate residents and their contribution to the Program
  5. GME House Staff Council Activities
  6. Residents Graduation Party - graduation party in the spring of each year
  7. Food Truck Thursday - weekly during the warm weather months giving residents the opportunity to enjoy the food trucks and local music onsite
  8. Community Activity/Resource List

Close Monitoring by Program Director/Associate Program Directors/Chief Residents

  1. House Staff Meeting with the Resident Leadership – monthly meeting to discuss program updates, and resident input regarding the educational program
  2. Chief Resident Mentorship Program
  3. Resident Liaison Committee - provides an effective outlet to voice resident needs and concerns

Encourage Healthy Lifestyle and to Seek Timely Healthcare Services

  1. Healthcare Benefits
  2. Resident Lounge and Workout Equipment/Facilities - incentive-based gym memberships (decreased rate based on number of times attended) to both the on-site recreation center or the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center
  3. Healthy Food Choices - Prepared lunches are provided at no cost to residents daily, including vegetarian and gluten free options
  4. Internal Medicine Residency Program and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) partnership
  5. Time Off for Healthcare Services
  6. Other Wellness Resources
    1. UI LiveWell program
    2. UI Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    3. Cab/taxi program - for residents who do not feel like they are able to drive back home

PDF icon2019-2020 Wellness Plan