Day/Night Call Team Leader (3911 Pager)

This CA3 rotation is arguably one of the residents' favorite senior rotations. The residents complete two months of this rotation and each month is broken up into two weeks of days and two weeks of nights.

The primary role of the 3911 resident is to respond to codes, traumas, and emergent airways throughout the hospital. The 3911 resident is also available to help start both emergent and elective cases, assist with invasive line placement and help the PACU resident manage complications in the recovery room.

The 3911 resident also makes the preliminary resident OR case assignments, which ensures residents are getting an appropriate variety and complexity of cases. This responsibility is rather unique and the challenge to optimize resident learning is a matter of pride for our seniors.

Finally, both in the afternoon and overnight, the 3911 resident is responsible for running the "board" in our very busy OR. CA3 residents with faculty oversight determine priority of add-on emergency cases and assign providers. Additionally, they collaborate with the CRNA and faculty to assign relief to clinicians who are late but not on-call. Our 3911 residents are truly leaders both in the OR and throughout the hospital.