Core Clerkship Learning Objectives


  • Demonstrate commitment to scholarly excellence with continued self-assessment, growth of knowledge and skills, and dedication to patient care. PBL01, PR01, PR03

  • Treat others with respect and dignity. ICS02, PR01, PR02, SBP01 

Patient care

  • Perform an age and developmentally appropriate physical exam for well children, acutely ill children and newborns. PC01, PR01, MK01, MK02

  • Begin to integrate clinical information from the history, physical exam, and other available data to start an assessment and plan for a pediatric patient. MK02, MK03, PC02, PC04

  • Develop awareness of health supervision and illness and injury prevention counseling appropriate for a pediatric patient. ICS01, MK01, MK04, PC01, PC04, PC05 

Medical knowledge

  • Demonstrate understanding of the clinical presentation, basic physiology, evaluation, and management of the well child, the acutely ill child, and the child with chronic disease. MK01, MK02, MK03, MK04, PC01, PC02, PC04

  • Assess growth in children (height/length, weight, head circumference, and body mass index) using standard or condition specific growth charts. MK01, MK02

  • Describe a child’s nutritional needs across different contexts including during normal development, acute illness, and chronic illness. ICS02, PC01, MK01, MK04, PC04

  • Demonstrate how to calculate weight-based dosing. MK04, PC04

  • List characteristics of the physical exam that should trigger concern for possible physical, sexual, or psychological abuse and neglect. MK02, PC01, SBP02

Practice-based learning and improvement

  • Develop life-long learning skills used for improving patient care and fostering continued professional growth and development. PBL01, PBL02, PR03

Interpersonal and communication skills

  • Develop communication skills that will facilitate interaction with pediatric patients of all ages and their caregivers. ICS01, ICS02, PC02

Systems based practice

  • Describe the physician’s role in the advocacy for the health, well-being, and safety of children. SBP01, SBP02