Conference Schedule

This is a sample weekly conference schedule. Those marked with an asterisk are specific to the Department of Cardiothoracic. The others are general surgery specific and are attended based on service rotation and availability.


7 AM – Cardiothoracic Resident Conference*
7 AM – Junior/Senior Resident Education Conference
12 PM – Emergency General Surgery Conference
5 PM – Surgical Oncology Teaching Conference


6:30 AM – Surgical Audit Conference
6:45 AM – Adult Cardiac Resident Teaching Session*
7 AM – Thoracic Tumor Board*
7:15 AM – Adult Cardiac High-Risk Conference*
8 AM – Vascular VA Conference M&M
8AM - Issues in Transplantation Conference 
11AM - Pediatric Surgery Teaching Rounds
4PM - Vascular Surgery Education Conferences


7AM - Cardiothoracic Grand Rounds*(2nd Wednesday of the month)
7AM - Supplemental Education Conference* (4th Wednesday of the month)
3PM - Liver Transplant Evaluation Conference


7AM - Trauma Conference
7AM - Thoracic Case Review Conference*
7:15AM - Cardiology/Cardiothoracic Conference*


7 AM – Adult Cardiac Team ICU Rounds*
1 PM - Surgical Skills Lab