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The Graduate Medical Education office has developed a new educational initiative to address identity-based discrimination and harassment by patients in the clinical learning environment. The workshop titled “'What to Say': Responding to Patient-Initiated Harassment” is a one-hour interactive communication skills building session. The intended audience for this workshop includes house staff members, faculty and rotating medical students.

The aim of this initiative is to address systemic needs for diversity and inclusion and to empower the provider to address discriminatory and harassing behavior in clinical encounters. This work is supported by an Innovation Grant as part of Accelerating Change in Medical Education with the American Medical Association (AMA). Programs should provide at least two week's notice for their requested workshop date.

Share the purpose of the event, what is the projected outcome of holding this event, etc (i.e., faculty/staff development/recognition, student recruitment, alumni/community/donor relations)? Also history of event and any suggested speaking points, if relevant.

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