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Merry P. Mani, PhD

Director, Microstructure Imaging Lab
Assistant Professor of Radiology - Division of Neuroradiology

Contact Information

Primary Office
169 Newton Road
Iowa City, IA 52242


BTech, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Kerala University, College of Engineering
MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois
PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Rochester
Postdoctoral Fellow, Magnetic Resonance Research Facility, University of Iowa

Research Summary

Pulse sequence design for efficient MR acquisition

Design of trajectories for optimal multi-dimensional sampling Cartesian, multi-shot, spiral, radial

Novel reconstruction methods for enabling new MR applications

Phase-compensated high resolution Diffusion MRI

Self-Calibrated reconstruction methods artifact correction

Continuous domain compressed sensing, discrete compressed sensing, dictionary based recovery


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