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Externship Program


The radiology externship was created to allow senior medical students further experience in the field of radiology as well as ease the burden of clerical work for the radiology residents on call. The radiology externship began with a pilot program in November 2006 and it has enabled the department to provide fast and accurate reads to the ETC and other clinicians.

Without the frequent interruption, the residents on call are reading ETC and inpatient studies much faster than prior to the externship implementation. The Department of Radiology has received positive feedback from multiple clinical services regarding decreased turn around time for reports on advanced imaging as well as availability of the radiology resident to discuss cases in person without interruption. 


Externs' responsibilities include answering calls to the radiology on call pager and performing clerical work such as filling out forms and faxing documents. When a physician calls to order a study, the extern simply takes the information down and passes it on to the resident on call who protocols the study. If any additional information or discussion is needed, the resident calls the ordering physician to discuss the case further. It remains the radiology resident's responsibility to discuss cases and interpretations with the referring clinician. 

Requirements and Commitment

Third year medical students at the University of Iowa are invited to apply by downloading and completing our Externship Program Application. The externship is a year long commitment from March 1 through February 28. Twelve externs will be selected to allow for flexibility in coverage schedules while they rotate through their medical school clinical responsibilities and the fourth year interview season. Externs' work hours include weekdays 5p-10p and weekends and holidays 9a-7p. Two chief externs will be elected who will coordinate the schedule to allow for 365 day coverage. 


Externs will receive unmatched experience in the field of radiology during medical school. Hopefully this will allow our externs to pique their interest in radiology and understand how the department operates. Radiology externs will receive a modest stipend direct deposited monthly, regardless of work hours completed the prior month. It remains the responsibility of the chief externs to keep a schedule that is fair to all externs in terms of equal call hours at the end of the year. 


January 20, 2021
Information meeting for M3s at 5:15 PM in Franken Conference Room, 3900 JPP

February 3, 2021
Application deadline

February 17, 2021
Chief Extern election and extern orientation at 5:15 PM in Gillies Conference Room, 3989 JPP

March 1, 2021
Estimated first day of work


Extern Application (.doc)
Extern Handbook (pdf)
Extern Worksheet (pdf)
Smartweb Call Calendar (intranet) 


Simmi Deo, MD, Chief Resident
Talmage Barth, MD, Assistant Chief Resident
Katey Molinarolo, MD, Assistant Chief Resident
UIHC Department of Radiology, 3960 JPP
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242
Pager #: 3363