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Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Iowa City has been caring for United States veterans since 1952. Services are available to more than 184,000 veterans living in 56 counties in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. The system consists of a main hospital in Iowa City, seven outpatient clinics in Eastern Iowa, and three outpatient clinics in Western Illinois. Veterans Affairs Medical Center also provides care to outlying clinics via telehealth technology.

Abbe Center Iowa City

Abbe Center Iowa City has been reaching out to the underserved and uninsured populations of Johnson County for over 40 years. The center provides psychiatric care to over 200 established patients and performs new diagnostic evaluations regularly. Because most patient are uninsured, obtaining medication requires use of patient assistance programs or other resources of free or low cost medications. Support from the staff allows for multiple ancillary interventions to be utilized by the resident for the patient’s benefit. Supervision is provided by one physician, thus maintaining a degree of continuity of care. Residents consider the rotation an outstanding learning experience in public health psychiatry.