Staff Spotlight - Kira Gonzalez

I schedule appointments for patients in the Pediatric Specialty Clinic. I have not worked in any other UI location, I just started here on January 19th of this year.

I am married with a 5 month old son and three dogs.

I enjoy playing co-ed slowpitch softball and doing anything outdoors (except for in the winter, which I then enjoy sitting by my fireplace watching movies).

My dream job would be a professional soccer player because I would get to do something I love doing, while staying fit/active and getting paid for it.

My favorite meal is homemade chicken enchiladas.

Most fascinating place ever lived or visited? I wouldn't consider it fascinating but my favorite place to visit is Newport Beach in California.

My favorite sports team depends on the sport. For baseball, Chicago Cubs. For NFL, Minnesota Vikings. For NHL, LA Kings.

My favorite movie is Lion King.

If you had 3 wishes? 1.) A fixed amount of money per month given to me (a high enough amount that I wouldn't have to worry about spending it) 2.) Health for all of my friends and family 3.) That world hunger/poverty would no longer exist.

Fun fact: I was born in California and moved to Iowa during a snowstorm in 1996.

Friday, February 12, 2021