Staff Spotlight - Cierra Laughlin

I've worked in three different labs before this - Immunopathology, Microbiology and at IRL. I've been with UIHC just over 5 years, but my dream job would be to work in a forensics lab.

I live in Coralville with my boyfriend Joe and his two kids Ayden (14) and Gavin (8).

In my free time I enjoy making art, spending time with friends, thrifting, watching people play video games and horseback riding.

Most fascinating place you have ever visited or lived? Corfu, Greece.

Favorite meal or restaurant? Cheesecake.

If you had 3 wishes? To be able to speak and understand all languages. Come back to me on the other two.

Fun fact: My hair color never stays the same for long, it's been every color of the rainbow.

Friday, February 12, 2021