Staff Spotlight - Britt Allendorf

I currently work in the Division of General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine; and Division of Cardiology. I worked as a nursing unit clerk on SFCH10, and have been working for UI Healthcare since 2014, when SFCH10 was on 2JCP.

My husband Tom and I live in Coralville with our three dogs; Zelda, Bowser, and Yoshi.

I enjoy reading, chasing my dogs, home projects, and cooking. Batman is my favorite superhero, and should be yours too.

My dream job would be taking over for Alfred as Batman's butler. I enjoy being supportive, and would get to help Batman fight crime.

Most fascinating place ever visited or lived? My husband and I had the opportunity to visit England and Scotland pre-Covid, and would love to go back. The food in London was fantastic, and the landscape of Edinburgh was magical.

I enjoy food, especially something new!

Favorite sports team? Quidditch - Slytherin

Favorite book or movie? I love reading, so I can't limit myself to just one favorite book. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas is my favorite classical fiction. I am also an avid Fantasy fan, so I have to include David Eddings' and Tamora Pierce's works.

Fun fact: I am from Wisconsin, and thoroughly enjoy winter. Let it snow!

Friday, January 29, 2021