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UIHC Inpatient Medicine Service

Inpatient rotation

Three teams, comprised of a Teaching Hospitalist, one senior resident, three interns, and 2-3 medical students diagnose and mange adults of all ages and backgrounds with a wide range of medical conditions.The teams rotate through a pre-determined call cycle, admitting patients on “pre-call” and “on-call” days but not on “post-call” days. Two of the interns take care of the patients during the daytime, in addition to admitting patients. The third intern rotates on an overnight call schedule (working every third night), averaging 3-4 nights per rotation. The senior resident is not responsible for night coverage, as this is provided by a night-float senior resident.

 Support staff includes team-specific social workers, nurse navigators, pharmacists, undergraduate assistants, and unit clerks who assist with discharge planning and follow-up appointments.

Educational Opportunities

Wards 101 - During the UIHC Inpatient medicine rotation, there is protected time for intern-focused teaching on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. During these sessions, interns and medical students are given an opportunity to discuss and work through cases, focus on practical management of common inpatient issues, and discuss evidence-based topics pertinent to hospital medicine.

Ultrasound - Ultrasound machines are readily available for the inpatient medical service to assist in performing hemodynamic assessment as well as guidance for procedures. Ultrasound education is integrated into our ambulatory curriculum. We are also working on obtaining handheld Butterfly devices for easier access and use on the wards!