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Mexico International Rotation

For my international elective rotation, I traveled to Mazatlán, Mexico for a two week outpatient experience, providing free medical evaluation to the city’s underserved populations. Every day, we traveled to makeshift clinics in churches throughout the city and evaluated anywhere from 80-150 patients per day. Through the help of translators, we conducted thorough histories about current complaints, reviewed current medications and performed a limited physical exam. At the end of the appointment, medications were prescribed, if appropriate. The majority of chronic adult illnesses that were managed included hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and heart disease. Acute medical illnesses were less common, but pyelonephritis and pneumonia were diagnosed in two adults based on only history and clinical exam.

Mexico Rotation

The rotation allowed for a good balance between work and free time. When we were not working, we had the opportunity to explore the city and become immersed in its local culture, including trips to the city center and historic colonial districts, areas enriched by local artists, musicians and beautiful architecture. And with a hotel on the beach, evenings were spent watching the sunset and indulging in fresh local seafood.

Mexico Rotation

This experience gave me a glimpse into global health discrepancies and gave me a greater appreciation for the work that I do and the gift of healing that I am able to share with users. It has inspired me to continue to travel to explore new areas, all the while giving back to those less fortunate and most vulnerable. I look forward to further medical missions that I will be able to take as my career progresses.

- Alexis Wickersham, MD

Mexico Rotation

*Photos Courtesy of Bria Giacomino, DO