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Transplant ID

One rotation will be spent on the ID Transplant service during year 1.  Additional elective rotations are available.

Goals and Objectives

By the end of this rotation, the fellow is expected to:

  • Develop a differential diagnosis and management plan for patients in this immunocompromised population
  • Understand the net state of immunosuppression and its impact on patient predisposition to infectious complications over time
  • Understand the principles of and indications for immuno-prophylaxis and chemo-prophylaxis in this population
  • Understand the drug interactions, toxicities, and mechanisms of action of immunosuppressive agents
  • Perform an appropriate pre-transplant infectious diseases assessment
  • Demonstrate appropriate inpatient follow up care for this patient population
  • Communicate effectively with the transplant service, both verbally and in the medical record
  • Recognize common infection entities of the vulnerable patient and how they vary with time after treatment

Mix of Clinical Topics

There are on average about 25-30 inpatient and 6 outpatient consults per month.