Ophthalmologists leading state’s medical society

Iowa’s statewide professional association for physicians has new leadership from the field of ophthalmology.

University of Iowa alumnus, Brian Privett, MD (‘11R) was installed as the 171st Iowa Medical Society (IMS) President. Privett practices ophthalmology at Iowa Eye Center in Cedar Rapids and has been involved in advocacy since his time in residency training at the UI. Alexis Warren, MD (‘21R), second-year ophthalmology resident at UI was elected to the IMS Resident Director position.

Brian Privett, MDAlexis Warren, MD

Brian Privett, MD (11R) and Alexis Warren, MD (21R)

Another proponent for ophthalmology and a former pediatric ophthalmology fellow, Anne Langguth, MD (‘14MD, ‘19F), of Wolfe Eye Clinic in Hiawatha, was appointed to a one-year team with the IMS AMA delegation.

Anne Langguth, MD

Anne Langguth, MD (14MD, 19F)

Congratulations to our ophthalmology alumni and resident physician for their dedication and service on behalf of the medical profession!

Monday, April 20, 2020