Iowa KidSight: 20 Years of Keeping an Eye on Kids' Sight

Iowa KidSightMay 12, 2020, marked the 20th anniversary of our Iowa KidSight program!

  • 37,265 vision screening sessions were conducted throughout Iowa
  • 607,442 children were provided a free vision screening
  • 35,823 (5.9%) of those children required referral to an eye doctor
  • Positive Predictive Value = 85.02%

Iowa KidSight is a joint project of the Lions Clubs of Iowa and the UI Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, dedicated to enhancing the early detection and treatment of vision impairments in young children (target population 6 months of age through kindergarten) in Iowa communities through screening and public education.

The goals of the project are:

  • Objectively screen vision in infants and young children throughout all of Iowa's 99 counties -- for FREE.
  • Educate the public about the risk of undetected vision loss.
  • Identify ways to sustain vision screening programs of this type.

Learn more about Iowa KidSight.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020