732 People Receive Cornea Transplants from Iowa Lions Eye Bank in 2023

In 2023, Iowa Lions Eye Bank recovered corneas from 1,015 donors in Iowa, 63 percent of whom were registered. The average donor age was 64 and 60 percent of donors were male. The eldest donor was 98-years-old and the youngest donor was 10 years old. There were 732 people who received transplanted corneas from Iowa Lions Eye Bank. Corneas from Iowa Lions Eye Bank went to recipients in 21 states, Puerto Rico and 7 other countries. 

Iowa Lions Eye Bank Impact Map

The number within each state indicates how many grateful cornea patients received a transplant through the generosity of our 2023 Iowa donors. A total of 1015 Iowa donors provided corneal transplant tissue for 732 recipients in 2023. Additional gifted corneas were used for research and educational purposes to advance knowledge of blindness-causing diseases and transplantation techniques.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024