About the Program

Our Hematopathology Fellowship includes one year of clinical training in the practice of hematopathology with the option for one or more additional years of research.

One position is offered every year.

Clinical training includes:

  • bone marrow pathology
  • surgical hematopathology (lymph nodes, spleens)
  • laboratory hematology/coagulation
  • molecular pathology
  • immunopathology

A variety of observational and clinical pathologic studies can be pursued during the clinical year. Research training involves basic research or application of basic research techniques either in immunologic or molecular aspects of hematology or in hemostasis/thrombosis.

Program Accreditation

The Hematopathology Fellowship at UI Hospitals & Clinics is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Information specific to program requirements for a pathology training program may be found at the ACGME’s Pathology Residency Review Committee.


What Pathology fellowships are available at Iowa? 

There are fellowships available in surgical pathology, cytopathology, hematopathology, microbiology, blood/bank transfusion medicine, and molecular pathology.

How is vacation time handled?

 Fellows have 15 weekday vacation days a year. Professional leave for meetings is negotiated on an individual basis. Leave is granted for National Board exams and American Board of Pathology exams but not for board preparation courses. For job interviews or board preparation courses, each house staff member will be allowed five working days of leave. Additional days taken for job interviews or board preparation courses must use vacation.

What about fringe benefits such as book/travel funds?

 Each fellow is given $1500/year for books/journals, meetings or memberships. Travel to national conferences is paid for by the department for fellows presenting abstracts.

How well do Iowa fellows fare in finding jobs after training?

 The established reputation of excellence in training at the University of Iowa, combined with the recent trend of increasing demand and aging of current pathologists, has meant a tremendous opportunity for fellows from our program. All departing fellows in recent years have had no difficulty getting offers for desirable positions in both academic and private settings.


Heme Lab (Bone Marrow/Lymph Nodes)

Immunology Lab (Cytogenetics)

Coagulation Lab

Heme Lab (Bone Marrow/Lymph Nodes)

Molecular Pathology Lab

Heme Lab (Bone Marrow/Lymph Nodes)

Heme Lab (Bone Marrow/Lymph Nodes)

Heme Lab (Bone Marrow/Lymph Nodes)

Heme Lab (Bone Marrow/Lymph Nodes)

Immunology Lab (Cytogenetics)

Heme Lab (Bone Marrow/Lymph Nodes)

Heme Lab (Bone Marrow/Lymph Nodes)

Research Lab (Elective)


All rotations are done at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. Fifty-five percent of the rotation schedule is done on bone marrow and lymph nodes services with additional service scheduled in flow cytometry, coagulation, molecular pathology, cytogenetics, and research elective.


Name of Conference


Hematology/Blood Bank Conference Weekly – Sept - May
Coagulation Conference Weekly
Lymphoma Conference Weekly
Unknown Conference Weekly
Grand Rounds Weekly – Sept - May
Clinical Pathology Morning Report Weekly
Pediatric Bone Marrow Conference Weekly
Journal Club Monthly
Clinical Pathology Didactic Conference Weekly – 2 months/year