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Stephen Rostad

Stephen Rostad, MD

Hometown: Kindred, ND
Undergraduate: Concordia College, Moorhead, MN
Medical School: University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Residency: University of Iowa

Why Iowa: I first visited Iowa City when interviewing for medical school and had the opportunity to explore more when interviewing for residency here. Being from a very small town in North Dakota, I loved the fact that such an outstanding academic center could exist in such a relatively small city. I was also struck by the natural beauty of the area (which I did not expect in Iowa). Most importantly, the physicians and residents seemed to genuinely appreciate being here. After matching here for residency, I found that I greatly enjoyed the learning opportunities, people, and city and was grateful for the opportunity to stay for CNP fellowship. While doing EMGs during that fellowship, I became interested in neuromuscular neurology and was fortunate to be able to stay in Iowa City to so the neuromuscular fellowship here. I look forward to my last year in Iowa City with some phenomenal neuromuscular specialists. I will be well prepared to start the next step in my career as a general neurologist with a neuromuscular focus in Duluth, Minnesota.