Education and Conferences

Noon Conference 

Formal resident teaching occurs daily at noon conferences, which provides instruction in radiologic imaging and principles in a structured, organized manner. As the premier departmental conferences for residents, the daily Noon Conference provides comprehensive coverage of topics germane to diagnostic imaging. These conferences are subspecialty-based and given by faculty members. 

The noon conferences are based on a two-year curriculum, to ensure that all residents have an opportunity to be exposed to information critical to their training twice during their residency. Attended by both residents and faculty members, this conference is critically evaluated by our residents for both content and quality. The Noon Conference is supplemented with frequent guest lecturers, which provides residents and faculty with the opportunity to hear nationally and internationally recognized radiologists. The Department typically has one visiting guest lecturer per month.

The Noon Conference schedule begins in July and August with the "Introduction to Radiology" series of lectures, generally geared toward the first-year residents, but attended by all residents as a general overview of the various sections within radiology.

Morning Conference 

Formal teaching is also accomplished through daily sectional conferences in all subspecialty areas. Morning Conference is a case-based conference to allow all the residents to see the interesting cases throughout the department. Although more informal than the Noon Conference, sectional conferences provide an additional means to assure that residents cover specific topics relevant to the subspecialty areas through which they rotate. The purpose of these sectional conferences is to provide additional assurance that residents are taught material that is thought to be so fundamentally important to warrant repeated individual attention.

Morning Conference Schedule

Monday:  Ultrasound / Interventional or Mammography
Tuesday:  Body Imaging
Wednesday:  Neuroradiology
Thursday:  Chest / Nuclear Medicine
Friday:  Musculoskeletal / Pediatric Radiology

Core Radiology Review Course 

First year residents participate in a review course (using the Jacob Mandell's textbook Core Radiology). Faculty from each section are assigned to a session and they present a formal review of assigned chapters. This provides the first year residents with a general overview of the fundamentals prior to taking call.

Link to our Weekly Conference Schedule