Our People

Vascular Division Photo, Spring 2014

First Row: Renee Meade, PA-C; Amy Messner; Barbara Silvestri; Abby Cutler

Second Row: Brent Warner; Luigi Pascarella, MD; Timothy Kresowik, MD; Sara Mijal, MD; Rachael Nicholson, MD; W. John Sharp, MD; Brian Adams, MD; Neelima Katragunta, MBBS; Mel Sharafuddin, MD; Mike Powell; Ryan Lomen 

Faculty Members

The Division of Vascular Surgery has 7 faculty members who hail from other top institutions from around the country, each bringing with them a unique surgical perspective that will add depth to your skill-set.

W. John Sharp, portrait

W. John Sharp, MD
Division of Vascular Surgery Director
Vice Chair of Education
Sidney E. Ziffren Professor of Surgery

Maen Aboul Hosn, portrait

Maen Aboul Hosn, MD
Interm Chief of Surgery, VAMC
Associate Program Director, Vascular Surgery Residency
Associate Program Director, Vascular Surgery Fellowship
Clinical Assistant Professor, Surgery
Chief of Vascular Surgery, VAMC

Timothy Kresowik, portrait

Timothy Kresowik, MD
Professor, Surgery

Rachael Nicholson, portrait

Rachael Nicholson, MD
Program Director, Vascular Surgery Residency
Program Director, Vascular Surgery Fellowship
Medical Director, Peripheral Vascular Laboratory
Clinical Associate Professor, Surgery

Mel Sharafuddin, portrait

Mel Sharafuddin, MD, MS
Clinical Professor, Surgery

Natalie Weger, portrait

Natalie Weger, DO
Clinical Assistant Professor, Surgery

Jun Xu, portrait

Jun Xu, MD, MA
Clinical Assistant Professor, Surgery, Division of Vascular Surgery

Current Residents

Academic Year July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

1st Year Resident

Victor Hatcher, portrait

Victor Hatcher, MD
Medical School: University of Iowa

2nd Year Resident

Nicole Gensicke, portait

Nicole Gensicke, MD
Medical School: University of Iowa

3rd Year Resident

Crystal Rodriguez, portrait

Crystal Rodriguez, MD
Medical School: University of Arizona

4th Year Resident

Jeanette Man, portrait
Jeanette Man, MD
Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

5th Year Resident

Adeola Adugbesi, portrait
Adeola Odugbesi, MD
Medical School: State University of New York

Current Fellow

We currently accept one Fellow every other year.


Sarah Burger, portrait

Sarah Burger, MD
Medical school: Medical College of Wisconsin
Residency: University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics

Alumni Fellows


Samantha Alsop, MD, MPH
Medical school: University of Kansas School of Medicine
Residency: University of Kansas
Private practice: Kansas City, Mo.


James Foster, III, MD
Medical school: University of Missouri-KC School of Medicine
Residency: University of Missouri-KC
Private practice: Kansas City, Kan.

Alumni Fellows

Alumni Fellows Completion Year 
Thomas Jones 1986
Howard Marks 1987
Asad Shamma 1987
W. John Sharp 1988
Yacov Berlatzky 1989
Henryk Baraniewski 1989
Michael Khoury 1990
John Stern 1990
Jamal Hoballah 1991
Brian Miller 1991
Timothy Bower 1992
Alfred Laborde 1992
Alan Synn 1993
Philip Feliciano 1994
Chittur Mohan 1995
Michael Schueppert 1996
Stephen Ryan 1997
Munier Nazzal 1998
Kendall Boone 1999
Lisa Nowak 2000
Richard Young 2001
David Epstein 2002
Mario Martinasevic 2003
Gregory Carlson 2004
Christopher Bunch 2005
Ronnie Word 2006
Lilja Bjornsdottir 2007
Melhem Sharafuddin 2008
Rachel Nicholson 2009
David Wong 2010
Chad Laurich 2011
Parth Amin 2012
Adonis Lysandrou 2013
Sara Mijal 2014
Brian Adams 2015
James Foster, III 2016
Samantha Alsop 2017
Anna Marjan 2020

Contact Us

University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
Department of Surgery - Vascular Surgery Fellowship Program 
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242

Fellowship Leaders

Rachael M. Nicholson, MD 
Clinical Assistant Professor
Vascular Surgery Fellowship Program Director

Catherine Unruh, MEd
Educational Administrator
Vascular Surgery Fellowship Program Coordinator