Schedule Requirements

As required by the ACGME, all trainees will spend at least 8 blocks in the SNICU, and then rotate to other intensive care units which provide extended educational experiences suited to the need of the fellow. Each trainee will be required to complete a minimum of 10 blocks of time in the critical care setting, 2 blocks of time in elective unit, with one block of time reserved for vacation (3 weeks) and meetings (1 week).

In addition to the SNICU, other ICU rotations include: MICU, PICU, NICU, and CVICU.

Elective rotations include: Burn, Infectious Disease Consults, Pulmonary/Bronchoscopy, ECHO Lab, Nephrology Consult, Trauma, Emergency General Surgery, Anesthesia, Vascular Lab and Research.

Sample Block Schedule: (Each Block = 4 Weeks)

Block Rotation
Block 1 SNICU
Block 2 Trauma/Burn
Block 3 SNICU
Block 4 MICU
Block 5 SNICU
Block 6 PICU
Block 7 SNICU
Block 8 SNICU
Block 9 SNICU
Block 10 SNICU
Block 11 SNICU
Block 12 ECHO Lab
Block 13 VAC