Residents are encouraged to participate in one of our committees:

Resident Liaison Committee

The Resident Liaison Committee (RLC) is comprised of 15-18 residents that serve as representatives for the entire cohort of residents. The committee provides a forum for residents to voice concerns directly with program administration, and participate in the ongoing evolution of the residency program and curriculum. The committee also organizes social events throughout the year.

Committee Responsibilities

  1. Act as a voice for all residents and provide an opportunity to raise concerns
  2. Serve as a communication link between residents and program administration
  3. Participate in the ongoing review of the residency program and curriculum
  4. Support resident wellness through sponsorship of social events
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Program Evaluation Committee

The Internal Medicine Residency Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) is charged with ensuring the quality of the residency program by overseeing program evaluation, design and improvement.

Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Plan, design and evaluate educational activities
  2. Review curriculum goals and objectives
  3. Monitor faculty development and resident and graduate performance
  4. Use evaluation data to improve the program
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Wellness and Humanities Committee

The Resident Wellness Committee is comprised of residents in different stages of the program, one chief resident, and one faculty. The goal of the committee is to establish a formal framework by which to improve wellness and cohesion between residents and the residency program. The committee aims to facilitate team-building by way of mentorship and wellness events.

Committee Responsibilities

  1. To improve resident and program cohesion
  2. To provide education on the importance of physician well-being and professional satisfaction   
  3. To organize regular wellness events to facilitate the above goals
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