Fellowship Year 2

For Clinical Fellows:

  • Three University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics continuity of care (COC) clinics per week throughout the year (except when on consult service). Endocrine COC clinics encompass endocrine and diabetes.
  • One VA general endocrinology clinic per week when not on any consult service. Two clinics per week when on VA consult service, and none when on UI Hospitals & Clinics consult service. These clinics are run on a COC model and encompass a mix of general endocrine disorders and diabetes.
  • Approximately two months of UI Hospitals & Clinics consult service
  • Approximately three months of VA consult service
  • Sub-specialty clinics, if these were not completed in year one
  • Thyroid FNA Clinic
  • In consultation with faculty and program director, attend further specialty clinics to improve experience in any clinical area within endocrinology. These “elective” clinics will be aligned with the fellow’s long-term training and career goals.  

For Research Fellows:

The fellow begins the chosen research project, presenting research design and findings to the faculty and/or at a regional or national meeting by the end of the year.

Clinical duties are decreased to allow sufficient time for research.

A Typical Research Schedule Includes:

  • One UI Hospitals & Clinics COC clinic per week
  • One weekend of inpatient consult per month
  • Sub-specialty clinics, if these were not completed in year 1
  • Thyroid FNA Clinic