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Teaching and Learning Resources

  • Each spring the Rising Chief Leadership Symposium provides an opportunity for future Chiefs to meet peers and receive training about leadership skills as they transition from a trainee/mentor relationship to a peer relationship with faculty.
  • The Chief Resident Leadership Development Program (CRLDP) provides current Chiefs with additional knowledge about leadership skills and opportunities for application during the Chief year. The program builds upon the introductory foundation gained during the Rising Chief Resident Leadership Symposium. The certificate program consists of interactive educational seminar sessions, reflective assignments, leadership assessments, and mentoring meetings with accomplished leaders.
  • Residents as Teachers is a resource guided by teaching consultants from the UI Carver College of Medicine. There are multiple methods used to assist residents in fine-tuning their teaching skills. One method is to provide departmental workshops on topics such as feedback, one-on-one small group, and interactive lecturing. This is based on needs assessments from residents and faculty. Consultants also provide individual one-on-one evaluation of teaching skills through direct observation and videotaping with feedback and action plans. Another approach is to provide teaching skill training during program retreats.

Additional information on services provided by the Office of Consultation and Research in Medical Education.